about the groups

Developed by Jennifer Gordon, an American ex-pat from California living in Dublin for many years, adapt ireland provides a professionally-led weekly group program to address issues that arise when first living in Ireland, and to provide practical guidance and advice.

Each 90-minute weekly session includes 8 to 12 participants using this structure:

  • Introduction – leader and group participants, where members moved from, how long they have lived and expect to remain in Ireland
  • Boundaries – confidentiality, non-judgmental listening, the opportunity for equal participation (this is not required but members are encouraged to participate), the use of ‘I’ statements
  • What brings you to the group? – expectations, what members hope to gain from the sessions
  • Group discussion topicsclick here for sample topics
  • Closure – any additional comments and needs of members to integrate topics into future sessions
  • Feedback – anonymous feedback forms are available at the end of the session