group topics

Following is a sample of activities and discussions that are part of the 6 support group sessions.

emotional support

  • Members write down their emotional challenges from being isolated, lonely and homesick to feelings of depression and anxiety (these are confidential and can be shared or not with the other members)
  • Resources will be provided for emotional support (books, podcasts, articles, meditation centres, smartphone apps, referrals to professionals with skills in selected areas)
  • Living in Ireland with a working spouse, yet unable to work here yourself, can cause a loss of self-esteem and confidence, boredom and loneliness
  • How to emotionally support children and other dependents with the move (change of school, separation from family and friends, cultural differences)
  • Resources to help the family transition – from fun, family activities to the names of counsellors with training in marriage and family therapy

practical considerations

  • Navigating differences between American and Irish Cultures as experienced through language and social customs
  • Ways to ‘stay connected’ to loved ones, friends and American culture, which help to reduce isolation and homesickness
  • An Irish resident will review some of the language differences and ‘turns of phrase’ used in Ireland compared to usage in America, which is a lighter, fun-filled discussion.
  • She will also discuss the many activities available including music, comedy, theatre, galleries and museums, sport and leisure facilities, yoga, meditation, seminars and more.
  • How to celebrate American holidays, traditions, and rituals while in Ireland
  • Guides to where certain American-style products can be obtained
  • Group members who have been living in Ireland for a longer time will provide peer support to others in these discussions

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